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PRE-ORDER Paediatric Resources

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Last Updated (Thursday, 18 December 2014 11:45)

Going to print this month is the much anticipated new range of paediatric resources from NDR-UK. Download your pre-order form below.

The range comprises:

  • Weaning my baby
  • Feeding 1-5s
  • Feeding 5-12s
  • Fussy Eaters
  • Dealing with fussy eaters: an action plan
  • Avoiding cows’ milk: following a cows’ milk free diet for younger children
  • Advice for weight gain

Paediatric Covers

Judging by early reviews and comments they are both robust in evidence base and user-friendly in format.

“They were informative and easy to read and I think that the parents will find them informative and useful.”

“I feel confident that the content mirrors the message I am conveying to my patients.”

The resources provide a practical format around which conversation and action points can be based.

They include distinct ‘top tip’ sections to pull out key information and a summary of ‘changes we might make’, as well as notes sections for parents/carers/health professionals to make notes specific to each individual situation.

Paediatric spreads

NDR-UK’s resource production policy is well known as one of the most robust in the diet and nutrition resources field, with peer and patient reviews in addition to risk assessment by a professional dietitian.  All of NDR-UK’s resources are accredited with NHS England’s Information Standard, certified by the Royal Institute for Public Health, and their tried and tested ordering system makes life nice and easy for both public and private sector customers.

All proceeds from the sale of NDR-UK resources are reinvested in resource development.

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Do you work in dysphagia management?

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Last Updated (Monday, 24 November 2014 16:19)

If so, NDR-UK needs your input.

Developing information to support dysphagia management is central to improving quality of life, health outcomes and minimising risk. NDR-UK is exploring how to adapt our ‘First Steps to Easier Swallowing’ (ref: 9092), to improve accessibility for people prescribed a texture modified diet following stroke.

Our initial consultations have produced some interesting suggestions for development, including:

  • Making information mobile and accessible in any environment, for example by computer, tablet or related mobile device in or away from home.
  • Provide moving images that could be followed in real time.
  • Provide interactive information to meet patients’ ‘prescribed’ food texture (B-E) and fluid stage (1-3).
  • More examples to offer a greater variety of food options.
  • Touch screen or voice control.

We are seeking views and guidance from as many people working in dysphagia to guide us on what is needed and what will work to meet practical and clinical needs of patients and carers alike. Please have your say in the development of this important resource by following this link to a short survey.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.

Easier Swallowing


Under Nourishment Range Update

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Last Updated (Wednesday, 12 November 2014 13:20)

We are delighted to announce a much anticipated update to our range of leaflets supporting the care of patients at risk of under nourishment.

Two of our bestsellers 'Eat Well, Heal Well' and 'Eating Better, Feeling Better' are updated, having been through our robust review process.  In addition we have published three new products - 'Light Meals and Snacks' (in association with NHS Grampian) and 'Adapting Meals to Prevent Weight Loss' and 'Fortified Drink Recipes' (both in association with County Durham & Darlington NHS Trust).

Our comprehensive range in this area now comprises:

  • Eating Better, Feeling Better A leaflet for people who need simple advice to add more energy to their diet.
  • Eat Well, Heal Well (BMA Commended) Simple information to help limit and heal bed sores and pressure ulcers.
  • Light Meals and Snacks Straight-forward guide for patients wishing to use food to replace nutritional supplements. In association with NHS Grampian.
  • Do you have a small appetite? (NAGE Resource) A simple leaflet for older and/or frail adults on how to eat well with a small appetite.
  • Have you got a small appetite? (NAGE Resource) Poster for older adults who have a small appetite and may struggle to eat enough.
  • Today's Menu Board Game (NAGE Resource) Designed for a care home setting, builds understanding and creates discussion about the importance of a balanced diet.
  • Adapting meals to prevent weight loss Simple suggestions to increase the energy in foods for people at risk of under nourishment. In association with County Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Fortified Drink Recipes Simple information for people at risk of under nutrition on how to fortify drinks. In association with County Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation Trust.
  • MUST Tape Measures Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool tape measure to assist the assessment of patients’ BMI and nutritional status. In association with County Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation Trust.



Renal Review

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Last Updated (Monday, 01 December 2014 09:44)

NDR-UK need your feedback as we update Helping You to Help Yourself Renal Pack.

Follow the links to learn more and comment:

- Helping You to Help Yourself Renal Pack




Join Our Circulation List

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Last Updated (Tuesday, 30 November 1999 00:00)

We  have more than 3500 health professionals on our circulation list and would be delighted if you too would like to be kept up-to-date on NDR-UK publicaitons and developments. If so, please contact us stating your name, place of work and job title. We will not pass your details to any third party.



Why use NDR-UK?

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Last Updated (Thursday, 08 September 2011 10:04)

Nutrition and diet resources are essential educational tools for health professionals.
Patients have a right to access quality information (NHS Constitution 2010; Patients’ Bill of Rights, NHS Scotland 2010).

All NDR-UK resources are:

  • evidence-based, peer and patient reviewed and updated regularly
  • developed by groups of multi-disciplinary experts
  • produced in partnership with national agencies and departments.

Click here for more details.