What's in Development & Under Review?

To ensure our resources are current and meet new information needs, we have a rolling programme of development and review projects.  This aims to fill information gaps and keep ongoing ranges up to date with evidence and practice.  Your feedback at all stages will inform this programme and provide useful guidance on how to improve our service. 

The list below details what we’re currently working on and what stage in our production process each project is at. Click on a project to find out more or get involved.




Food Fortification Recipe Book Graphic Design
IBS and Lactose-free Peer & Patient Review


Older People's Resources Review Recruit Project Group
Heart Health Review Recruit Project Group
Paediatric Weight Management Review Critically Appraise Evidence
Paediatric Diabetes Review Recruit Project Group
Oncology Review (9030-9) Publication
Renal Review Peer & Patient Review