Food Fortification Recipe Book

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Food Fortification Recipe Book


Graphic Design

Care Aims

We're pleased to be working with the Prescribing Support Dietitians from Northern Health and Social Care Trust to develop a simple recipe book providing a range of food and drink suggestions to encourage and support a nourishing diet for those suffering from weight loss and/or poor appetite, and are at risk of malnourishment.

The recipes have all been tested and we're getting ready to start photography so the book can go through design, in anticipation of publication in the Spring.

Learning Outcomes

To reduce or reverse malnutrition in people with a poor appetite or weight loss, through a food first approach via nourishing recipes.

The target group will know:

a) How to increase the protein and energy content of dietary intake

b) How to prepare a variety of recipes suitable for a fortified diet (main meals, soups, savoury and sweet snacks and shakes)

The target group will understand the importance of food for health and quality of life.

The target group will understand the consequences of malnutrition.


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