IBS and Lactose-free

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Project Title

IBS and Lactose-free


Peer & Patient Review

Care Aims

To provide guidance and advice for people with IBS symptoms and/or suspected and/or proven lactose intolerance.

Learning Outcomes

The Target Group will understand what IBS is, and:

  • that symptoms may be aggravated by diet, lifestyle and/or other factors including stress
  • have regular, balanced, varied meals based on healthy eating principles of the Eatwell Guide 
  • that over-restriction of food or food groups should be avoided
  • will understand how to modify their fibre intake.

Lactose-free resource learning outcomes:

  • The TG will know what lactose is and how to identify foods that contain/are likely to contain it.
  • The TG will know what the symptoms of lactose intolerance are, and that people can have varying and changeable tolerance levels.
  • The TG will understand that intolerance is not an allergy and the role of lactase in symptom control
  • The TG will know how to start and build a reintroduction plan to control their symptoms
    The TG will be aware of the dietary risks of eliminating lactose and be able to implement guidance to reduce these risks.

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