Oncology Review (9030-9)

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Oncology Review (9030-9)



Care Aims

NDR-UK has been reviewing and updating its Oncology & Palliative Care resources with the kind support of dietitians from the BDA Oncology Specialist Group (current range).

The review has updated content and format to provide wider dietary choices, greater focus on protein intake and improved flow.  The updates are based on evidence from ESPEN guidelines on nutrition in cancer patients (2016) and ESPEN expert group recommendations for action against cancer-related malnutrition (2016).  The update also reflects updates based on IDDSI sub-level 7 easy to chew category. 

Feedback has been considered and content is now being prepared for design and publication.

Learning Outcomes

Visit the Oncology pages for cover previews and further information on the new product refs: 9460-6.

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