Paediatric Weight Management Review

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Project Title

Paediatric Weight Management Review


Critically Appraise Evidence

Care Aims

What's Enough and Smart Sized Portions Review:

  • To support weight management by providing simple information to guide parents/carers of children and young people on how to provide appropriate portion sized meals and snacks for a healthy balanced diet.
  • To develop a new resource that supports and guides positive behaviour change.

Learning Outcomes

What's Enough and Smart Sized Portions:

The Target Group will be aware of how to vary food choices and serving sizes to ensure:

  • Healthy food choices
  • Age appropriate food portion sizes
  • Frequency of food consumed including snacks and meals
  • The importance of nutrient balance and how to achieve this, including examples of what healthy balanced meals look like
  • Ways to reduce salt/sugar/fat intake


Behaviour Change:

The Target Group will understand:

  • The impact of behaviour change on health
  • Readiness to change and recognise where they are on the readiness scale
  • The benefits and costs of working towards their goal(s)

The Target Group (child/parent) will know:

  • How to set SMART goals
  • How to monitor and reward progress
  • How to deal with difficulties and challenges
  • Where to look for further support and guidance

 The Target Group (parent only) will know:

  • The importance of role modelling and positive reinforcement for change 
  • Stimulus control
  • How to manage tricky situations 

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