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Renal Review


Peer & Patient Review

Care Aims

NDR-UK has been working the specialist renal dietitians from across Scotland to review and update the ‘Helping You to Help Yourself’ renal resource pack. 

This process has carefully considered current evidence, practice and data to ensure a consistent and appropriate rationale for the guidance provided.  Current drafts will be refined following consideration of all comments and feedback.  Once the content is finalised, the range will go through full graphic design prior to publication. 

Learning Outcomes

The pack aims to support the dietary education for long-term condition management of people with chronic kidney disease.  Through a simple approach, the resources aim to provide guidance that moves away from and does not duplicate exchange information available via other sources/resource providers.

Personal variations based on clinical and personal requirements/preferences will be defined by advice from the issuing dietitian.  Space will be provided throughout the booklets to accommodate personalised guidance.

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