NDR Prescribe

NDR Prescribe sits alongside NDR-UK’s existing printed resources to:

  • Allow health professionals to prescribe - by email - resources with customised contact details, branding and signposting, as well as personal targets, notes and follow-up information.
  • Provide patients with access to the tailored, prescribed advice on their phone, tablet or computer, or by printing at home.
  • Allow everyone from freelancers through to managers of large teams / departments to manage their budgets via a flexible and cost-effective ‘credits’ based system.

For more information on how to plan, prepare and use NDR Prescribe, download the Prescribe User Guide.pdf or follow the links below for an overview of this new electronic service:

Please contact the NDR-UK team on info@ndr-uk.org or 0141 202 0690 for any further information or to arrange a demonstration.