British Dietetic Association and Specialist Groups

BDA Corporate Member

Memorandum of Understanding

The British Dietetic Association (BDA) is the professional association for dietitians.

The BDA and NDR-UK share principles and values, and enjoy mutual benefits from working together.  Both organisations jointly commit to open communication in order to avoid duplication of effort and:

  1. Seek opportunities to work together to promote the importance of dietetic expertise, evidence based practice and patient-centred care;
  2. Support the development and provision of high quality nutrition and diet resources to support dietitians and other health professionals;
  3. Inform each other of their respective developments, approaches and plans that affect the other’s plans e.g. new BDA policy relating to NDR-UK topic range;
  4. Invite each other to comment on relevant information through its development, and advise when a new publication is launched; and
  5. Work together to promote each other’s services.

In order to effectively put our joint commitment into practice, we have become a Key Supporter of BDA and have agreed to devise and implement an annual programme of activities.

British Dietetic Association Specialist Groups

BDA specialist groups represent the dietetic experts and specialisms within the profession. NDR-UK works with several of the specialist groups of the BDA to create and maintain resources covering specialist dietetic topics.

The specialist groups we continue to work with are:

Current resources 9386, 9387 and 9388


Current resources 9382-9385, 9411-9429, 9431, 9433, 9434 and 9436-9439


Current resources 9040 and 9305-9308


Current resources 9030-9039


Current resources 9017-9019