NDR-UK is a company limited by guarantee, and a registered Scottish charity.

A five-year programme of funding from the Scottish Government to assist NDR-UK to become self-financing came to an end in March 2015. NDR-UK is now largely a self-sufficient social enterprise, with the vast majority of income received through the sale of resources.

Our business model is based on full cost recovery principles to ensure continued sustainability, whilst offering value for money for our customers.

Project Commissions

As another source of funding NDR-UK welcomes commissions from organisations seeking production of high quality, robust, evidence based nutrition/diet resources.

Our established production process and friendly, efficient service offers a cost efficient means of achieving this and we will work closely with you to meet your requirements.

Past commissions include those from The Lauren Currie Twilight Foundation, The Scottish Government, Focus on Undernutrition and Quality Meat Scotland.

Please either email us at, fill out our contact form or call our Chief Executive on 0141 202 0690 to discuss your potential project.

Discount for Scottish customers   

The Scottish Government continues to provide additional funding to allow a 20% discount to be applied to Scottish-based customers.