NDR Prescribe - Before you start

Before starting to use NDR Prescribe, browse the system and think about where and how it could be used within your service.  You may wish to consider if one person will be using it or if there will be several through a variety of clinics.  Refer to the information below about the different user types and how the credits can be purchased and allocated.

  • If you work alone or are a freelancer, take some time to become familiar with the system and browse the resources that you are likely to use.  This will help you understand how best to work with the system through your consultations and follow up with your patients/clients.
  • If your service has multiple users who will access credits from a central source, think about:
    > who should manage credits
    > if different teams are needed
    > how Users should be organised. 

You can change the structure of your Teams at any time, but it is best to have thought it through from the start to avoid the need to make changes at a later stage.


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