NDR Prescribe - Creating Teams

To Create a Team

  1. Log in
  2. Go to your 'Prescribe Dashboard' from the side menu or the Members' Area landing page.
  3. Click on 'New Team' and follow the steps on screen to:
    - Name the team
    - Complete a short description to help identify teams as appropriate
    - As an additional option, you can upload a logo for the team here – this will appear as a watermark on all first and last pages of prescribed resources along with prescription details. 

Note that if, as an Administrator, you have no need for separate teams, you can simply invite users as outlined below.  You can also add a logo for your own prescriptions through your Account Details page accessed via the My Account button when you're logged in.

To Create a Team Lead

Only Administrators can create or change Team Leads.

  • Ensure the person you wish to be the Team Lead is a member of the team.  If not, invite them to join the team.
  • Click 'Manage Team Lead' next to the team's name on your Prescribe Dashboard.
  • Click on the team member's name who you wish to become the Team Lead.  
  • If you wish to remove the current Team Lead, click 'Manage Team Lead' from the Prescribe Dashboard, and then click 'Remove'.  You can then choose a new Team Lead or operate without one.

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