NDR Prescribe - Getting started

Once you have decided on how you will initially use NDR Prescribe, follow the steps below to prepare yourself, your Teams and/or your Users to get started.

When you first register with NDR-UK, you will be an Administrator.  If you will be a Team Lead or a User you should not buy credits independently – wait to be invited to a team and be allocated credits.

If you are a freelancer or working on your own, you will be an Administrator, with no need for other levels of user. You simply need to purchase credits and begin prescribing.

When browsing and using NDR Prescribe and its different options, remember that you can only be logged into www.ndr-uk.org with one account at a time.  If you try to access different accounts i.e. different email addresses on one device, all opened tabs will revert to the most recently logged in account.

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