NDR Prescribe - Managing and Distributing Credits

Administrators and Team Leads manage the credits of their Users.  They can add and remove credits from individual Users directly and/or by responding to credit requests from their Users.

  1. Go to your ‘Prescribe Dashboard’ by following the link from your Members’ Area page or from the link on the left-hand panel.
  2. From this page, you can directly manage the credits of each user and/or respond to users’ credit requests.
  3. To respond to a credit request, follow the link in the email or navigate directly to the request from the ‘Prescribe Dashboard’.  Follow the ‘Click here to view’ link.  You can accept, decline or provide an alternative number of credits.
  4. To manage Users’ credits, click ‘Manage Credits’ next to their name.  Click the cell and type in the number of credits that you wish to ‘Add’ to or ‘Remove’ from the User’s balance.

You must have enough credits available to add to the User’s balance - your credit balance cannot be negative.  If you do not have enough credits, you can:

  1. buy/request more credits 
  2. reallocate from other Users by 'Removing' credits from their balance and 'Adding' to a different User

Team Leads must request credits from their Administrator. Users must request credits from their Team Lead or Administrator.

  1. Log in
  2. Click on ‘Request credits’ from the side menu or any of the prompts throughout NDR Prescribe.
    Type in the number of credits you wish to request – when you are familiar with the system, you will gauge how many credits you use and how often you will need to top up your credit balance.

Users can view their credit and prescription activity history from their Prescribe Dashboard; Administrators and Team Leads can view activities of their teams by choosing to ‘View Team’ from their Prescribe Dashboard.


  • Credits do not expire. 
  • All credits are ‘owned’ by the Administrator as they can access and allocate / reallocate from any User through their teams. 
  • If a User changes team or moves to a new Administrator, their credits will be reallocated to their original Team Lead/Administrator. 

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