NDR Prescribe - Prescribing Resources

  1. Log in.
  2. Navigate to NDR Prescribe.
  3. Search by product code in the search box at the top of the page or filter through ranges from the side menu.
  4. Select the product you wish to view/prescribe by clicking on the title or the image. 
    - View the ‘Sample’ to see the resource and location of any editable fields.  As described in the colour-coded key, some fields are optional (blue), while others require content (orange).
    - To prescribe the resource, click ‘Prescribe’.  You can scroll through, page-by-page, to view pages, read content and add information within the editable fields.  For speed, you can simply click on the ‘Editable fields’ button at the top right of the screen and select pages from the drop-down menu.
    - To add information into the editable fields, click onto the cells and type.  Ensure that the fields are not over-filled, as overflow text will not be visible in the prescribed resource.
    - It is easiest to do this from a PC or a larger screened tablet – completing this step on a smartphone can be tricky due to smaller screen size.
    - Once you have completed the resource, complete the ‘Patient Information’ cells by inserting the patient’s name and email address. 
  5. You can choose to ‘Review’ the resource at this time and revise any of the content you have added. This is your opportunity to double check that your patient’s email address is entered correctly.
    When you are happy with the resource and all the related details, click ‘Prescribe’. 
    - An email with a link to access the resource will be sent to the patient and a copy of this message will be sent to your registered email address - you can retain a copy of the resource for the patient’s records.
    - Your name, the patient’s name, the patient’s email address and the prescription date will be included on the first and last pages of the resource with a unique code at the bottom of each page.  This ensures that each resource is unique for each patient with a date stamp of prescribing.
    - Advise your patient to check their Junk/Clutter folder and add the address ‘no-reply@ndr-uk.org’ to their safe/contact list if the email does not appear in their inbox in the first instance.
    - The link contained within the email will be accessible for 12 months.  After this time, it will automatically expire.  Therefore, ensure that you have saved the resource for your files so that you can access it if needed after this time.
  6. You will see that the credit value of the resource has been deducted from your credit balance.  You will not be able to go into negative credit.  If you need more credits, contact your Team Lead/Administrator or buy credits through the on-screen prompts.

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