NDR Prescribe - Requirements

To use NDR Prescribe, you need:

  • Your patients’/clients’ permission to contact them by email for this purpose.  Without this consent, you will not be able to send them their prescribed resource.

* We store your data securely on servers using the latest AES-256 encryption cyphers. This data is only accessible via the link provided in the Prescribe email and will automatically be deleted after 1 year.

  • To begin using NDR Prescribe you will first buy, or be allocated, a bundle of ‘credits’, which you will draw down on each time you prescribe a resource.
  • Credits can be bought in bundles of 500 credits for £25 +VAT (product code NDRCR) via the shop area on the NDR-UK website or by emailing a Purchase Order (PO) to info@ndr-uk.org.
    - Credits do not expire.
    - If you purchase credits directly on our website, these will automatically be added to your NDR Prescribe credit balance.
    - If you or your procurement department submit a PO, the order must state the name and email address of the person who will manage the credits - the Administrator.
  • Individual resources have their own prescription credit values and the values are per individual issue, and are displayed alongside the resource on our website and on our downloadable Price List.
  • If you and/or your colleagues are existing members of the NDR-UK website, you should check that your details – particularly name, email address and place of work – are up to date. This will help with setting up your teams. If you have forgotten your password, use the ‘Forgotten Password?’ link on the Login page.

Click here for further Technical and Procedural Considerations.

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