NDR Prescribe - Technical and procedural information

  • The NDR Prescribe system is an extension to the main NDR-UK website and will be accessible via any device with internet access. The site is built as ‘responsive’, to display clearly on whatever device is   being used – desktop, phone, tablet etc.
  • Credits can be purchased via the NDR-UK website or by Purchase Order.
  • Credits do not expire.
  • Administrators and Team Leads can allocate, recall and reallocate credits to/from Users as required.
  • Your NDR Prescribe account will be linked to your email address. Should you wish to set up more than one NDR Prescribe account for different roles / purposes, you will be required to use a separate email address.
  • Administrators can choose to upload a logo to their account – e.g. for their freelance business, Trust, Board or programme. When uploaded, this logo will appear on the front cover of the prescribed resource that the patient receives.
  • Each prescription is for use by a single, named patient only. The health professional issuing the resource must not, through any other means, share, publish or distribute the link or PDF for any other purpose than for that named patient’s records – this would be in breach of NDR-UK copyright and Terms and Conditions.
  • NDR Prescribe has been developed with data protection and privacy regulations in mind. NDR-UK will not, at any point, have access to patients’ personal information. The personalised resource and related data are stored securely on servers using the latest AES-256 encryption cyphers, and will automatically be deleted after one year.
  • As with any type of personal information, to comply with EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), users of NDR Prescribe will require to have active consent from patients to store and use their email address for this purpose. Users are responsible for ensuring their own internal procedures are suitably compliant with regulations.

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