NDR Prescribe - User Types

NDR Prescribe aims to support different staff teams’ management and structures by providing three different user types:

  • As an Administrator, you can purchase and use credits. If you wish, you can also invite Users, and create teams and Team Leads. You can allocate credits to your Users and Team Leads, and respond to their credit requests. This is ideal for people who manage budgets or spending within teams or departments.
    - If you are a freelancer or working on your own, you will be an Administrator, with no need for other levels of user.
    - When you first register with NDR-UK, you will be an Administrator. If/When you accept an invitation from another Administrator or Team Lead to join their team, you will become a User.
  • As a Team Lead, you can invite Users to join your team and will be allocated credits by your Administrator.
    - You can use your credits to prescribe resources yourself, or allocate to Users within your team. You can also use the system to request additional credits from your Administrator.
  • As a User, you will be allocated credits by your Administrator or Team Lead, which you can use to prescribe resources.
    - You can also use the system to request additional credits from your Team Lead or Administrator.

In the future, when there are changes in your role or the structure of your service, you may wish to change your User type or join a different team. Making changes provides further information on how changes can be made, as and when required.

Your NDR account is linked to your email address. Should you wish to set up more than one account for different roles/purposes, you will be required to use a separate email address.

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