Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes

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NDR-UK Ref No: 9384
Publication Format: A5 leaflet
Classification: HP  
Pack size: 10
Publication date: 07/13
Last Review: 2016
Next Review: 2019

Information for women who have gestational diabetes to help them manage their health during and following pregnancy.

Classification: HP (Health Professional)

Advice requires some explanation from a Health Professional who has basic nutrition knowledge to enable correct implementation.

  • To encourage and promote self-management of diabetes.
  • To optimise diabetes control.
  • Promote general health and wellbeing.

The Target Group will

  • Understand the links between diabetes and overweight/obesity; heart disease and pregnancy.
  • Understand the causes and treatments of hypo and hyper glycaemia.
  • Understand the secondary complications of diabetes such as Renal disease and CVD.
  • Know the importance of diet in relation to the management of their diabetes including health eating, CHO awareness, lipids, food labels, glycaemic index (sugar and fibre), fruit, alcohol, eating out, weight (physical activity), portion size.
  • understand that extra consideration has to be taken when managing diabetes during illness with illness.
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Healthy Living with Diabetes

Healthy Living with Diabetes

A comprehensive guide summarising healthy eating with diabetes for adults. Ideal for use during an annual dietetic consultation and/or to complement resources from NDR-UK's adult diabetes range.

  • Pack size: 10
  • Classification: HP
  • NDR-UK ref: 9223

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How Do I Watch My Weight During Pregnancy? (Dietitian only version)

How Do I Watch My Weight During Pregnancy? (Dietitian only version)

A comprehensive leaflet for use through a dietetic consultation for women with a BMI of 25 or over at the start of their pregnancy.    

  • Pack size: 10
  • Classification: DT
  • NDR-UK ref: 9362

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Healthy Eating and Diabetes

Healthy Eating and Diabetes

Information for adults with Type 2 Diabetes to help them make healthy choices and follow a healthy eating plan to control their diabetes and reduce the risk of complications.

  • Pack size: 10
  • Classification: HP
  • NDR-UK ref: 9382

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