Liquid Diets for Treating Crohn's Disease (Dietitian only version)

Liquid Diets for Treating Crohn's Disease (Dietitian only version)

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NDR-UK Ref No: 9308
Publication Format: A5 leaflet
Classification: DT  
Pack size: 10
Publication date: 06/12
Last Review: 2018
Next Review: 2021

Liquid diet options for adults with Crohn's disease who are following a liquid diet at home or in hospital. Designed to be used in consultation with a dietitian.

Classification: DT (Dietitian)

Advice is complex, condition specific and requires a Dietitian with knowledge, skills and experience in the condition.

  • To provide information to help Target Group decide if they wish to go onto a liquid diet.
  • To provide an overview of risks, benefits and process involved prior to seeing a dietitian.
  • Target Group will understand the risks and benefits of following a liquid diet.
  • Target Group will understand that the choice is theirs and that they will receive a full consultation and support from their dietitian prior to starting a liquid diet programme.
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