Fortified drink recipes

Fortified drink recipes

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NDR-UK Ref No: 9247
Publication Format: A5 leaflet
Classification: HP  
Pack size: 10
Publication date: 07/14
Next Review: 07/17

Simple information for people at risk of under nourishment on how to fortify drinks. Includes easy to follow recipes.


This product review is on hold while NDR-UK assess the need for information for people needing support getting enough nourishment, and wish to avoid/move away from oral nutritional supplements.

Classification: HP (Health Professional)

Advice requires some explanation from a Health Professional who has basic nutrition knowledge to enable correct implementation.

To support weight gain or weight maintenance for people who are:

  • at risk of becoming malnourished
  • already malnourished

(based on Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST) score)

  • Know why it is important to have additional energy.
  • Know basics of how to enrich normal fluids.
  • Be aware of energy and protein values of prescribed supplement drinks.
  • Know how to combine liquids to give an equivalent amount of protein and energy to a prescribed supplement.
  • Know where to get further help and advice.

Based on good practice and the original the paper Stratton and Marinos (2007), A review of reviews: A new look at the evidence for oral nutritional supplements in clinical practice, Clinical Nutrition Supplements, Volume 2, Issue 1.

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  • C E Weekes, P W Emery, M Elia. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Dietary counselling and food fortification in stable COPD: a randomised trial. Thorax 2009.
Adapting Meals

Adapting Meals

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