Updated Easier Swallowing, out now...

Published: 26.03.19

NDR-UK’s much anticipated revised range of practical patient information, suitable for specialist dietitians and speech and language therapists to issue is out now.

Following confirmation of the adoption of the IDDSI framework by the British Dietetic Association and the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, NDR-UK have been working closely with Dietitians and SLTs across the UK to review and restructure the Easier Swallowing range of evidence-based patient information and guidance.

The restructured range combines advice that was previously contained in several leaflets, resulting in a robust, stand-alone resource for each Descriptor Level (3-6). Click here to see previews and register to be alerted as soon as they're in stock or visit NDR Prescribe to send information electronically to your patients and carers.

Within each resource:

  • Clear explanation as to why this specific descriptor level has been assigned to the patient.
  • The importance of following the guidance, and the potential consequences of not following it.
  • What preparation equipment is needed, and how to prepare food specific to the
    assigned level.
  • Area to customise/confirm what drink level has been specified for the patient.
  • Clear supporting imagery to enhance the advice.
  • A diverse and current range of food options, specifically selected to avoid the risks. associated with undernourishment, including foods with a high protein content.
  • Options for adding nourishment that are specific to the assigned level.
  • Guidance that complements and complies with IDDSI labelling and symbols, for ease of use.

These robust booklets are designed to keep as a reference to support patients with their ongoing care, providing clear guidance for the patient themselves, any formal or informal carers, and all health professionals involved in their care.



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