NDR Resources - Now in printed AND digital format

Published: 29.10.18

We are delighted to confirm that NDR-UK now offers two options to support your delivery of evidence based nutrition and diet information: 

  • The high quality, printed leaflets that you already use. 
  • Customisable electronic format for patients to view online. 

The new electronic delivery option – called NDR Prescribe – has recently been launched and is accessed here on the NDR-UK website; it will allow you and your colleagues to ‘prescribe’ – by email – resources with customised contact details, branding and signposting, as well as the personal targets, notes and follow-up information. 

We anticipate that the majority of our customers will move forward using a combination of the printed and electronic options, as appropriate to topic area and patient group/need. As with everything we produce, the NDR Prescribe service will operate on a not for profit, cost recovery basis, and we hope that it will add real value to our customers and further sustain the service we provide. 

We would encourage you to take a look and see if and how it might enhance your service delivery.


We recommend you read through this introductory document before getting set up, and then get browsing and prescribing here.

If you have any queries at all, please don't hesitate to email info@ndr-uk.org or call us on 0141 202 0690.

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