Guest Blog - 'All roads lead to balance' by Emma Jennings, thestudio

Published: 04.01.18

We have lost count how many times a customer says to us in one of our locations “lunch was delicious” could you ask the chef for the recipe? We love getting this as compliment as it reflects our commitment to great food and service, but is also inspired us to think… maybe we should produce a cook book!

thestudio operates creative spaces to meet, train and entertain in four city centre locations - Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow - we have a very simple mission statement of customer first in all we do, we are all big foodies in our business, so serving great dishes is high on our list of priorities. We all know what it’s like, you go to a meeting or training day and often lunch is the highlight of the day!

Studio menus are created by our team of in house chefs, we change them 4 times a year to coincide with the seasons and with every menu change we host a food tasting, where we ask customers along to give us feedback on the next proposed menus. If you ever fancy being a food critic for us, please just sign up at one of our locations here.

Our food promise is to provide menus that are well balanced, healthy, sustainable, special diet friendly, allergen aware and most importantly really, really TASTY!

Once we had decided the cook book was a good idea and we wanted to make it happen, we decided it was important it should reflect all our food promises, but we also needed to make it really credible and working with an organisation adept at producing excellent resources would be key to this.

This led us to conversations with the NDR-UK (Nutrition & Diet Resources UK). Our first meeting to propose the idea was excellent, it was clear we were all on the same page and this would be a great project for us all to be involved in – a book that provides good tasty, healthy, well researched recipes that can be adapted to various dietary requirements. balance was born!

So, we set about making it happen, gathering all the best dishes that are in our studios archives, getting the chefs to adapt these to serve four portions, producing and photographing, proposing design layouts, proof reading, proof reading and more proof reading and then we will be onto printing.

We love working with Kirsty and Linda at NDR-UK, they are so helpful and their access to dietary expertise is invaluable on this project. It's a true team effort which is a pleasure to be part of.

We really hope to be to print by February… watch this space!


Emma Jennings, Director & Co-founder, The Studio Venue Company

NOTE: to be kept up to date on the launch of the balance recipe book and other relevant NDR-UK resources, please make sure your current details are registered on the NDR-UK website here.

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