Dietetic Reference Group - Invitation for Membership


NDR-UK was established in 2011 to continue the work of the Scottish Nutrition and Diet Resources Initiative (SNDRí), sustaining itself as an independent charity.  We have built a robust portfolio of nutrition and diet resources with continually new and updated topics and titles. This has been achieved through the work of a very small but dedicated staff team, our Trustees and committed support of the dietetic community, partners and stakeholders. 

Since its launch, NDR-UK has successfully grown its business on a not-for-profit basis, and is now providing high quality resources throughout the UK and beyond to over 500 different customers, through:

  • All NHS Scotland Boards
  • All Welsh Local Health Boards
  • All Northern Irish Health and Social Care Trusts
  • A wide range of NHS Trusts, CCGs and related health and social care providers in England
  • Private healthcare, freelance practitioners, third sector organisations and local authorities.

Moving forward, NDR-UK aims to sustain provision of accessible, evidence-based, consistent dietary guidance to health and social care customers by continually exploring new topics, formats and media.  To do this, we must remain informed about new evidence, practice and policy, and sustain engagement with the dietetic community, AHPs and related health and social care professionals. 

This document invites practicing, registered dietitians with diverse experience, expertise and interests to inform and support our work by joining our new Dietetic Reference Group (DRG).

In doing so, Members will:

  • Develop valuable expertise and skills to enhance their CV and gain beneficial experience towards meeting their CPD standards
  • Widen their understanding and influence practice with the challenges of steering the development of patient information.
  • Broaden their professional networks, establishing new contacts through DRG activities.
  • Demonstrate their ability to think strategically.
  • Develop their understanding of the operational aspects of a social enterprise/not-for-profit business, with potential progression to full Board Director/Trustee status.
  • Contribute to providing support to the dietetic profession.
  • Contribute to raising the profile of dietetics within the wider health and social care sector.


Formalising the NDR-UK Dietetic Reference Group


The Dietetic Reference Group will:

  • Be ambassadors for NDR-UK and its principles.
  • Anticipate and assess the potential impact of any dietary developments, changes to policy and practice or release of new evidence or guidance.
  • Encourage engagement in NDR-UK projects through members’ professional networks.
  • Provide objective oversight and steer to help inform and recruit resource development groups.
  • Help plan and prioritise our work by providing informed views on development opportunities.
  • Act as a sounding board, applying professional intelligence to contribute to strategic discussions.
  • Conduct risk assessments on new titles or updated resources.
  • Contribute to future strategic planning and occasional marketing content.


Structure and Operation

Ideally the Dietetic Reference Group will be made up of 5-6 members, but it is anticipated that a minimum of 3 members will be required to ensure variety of perspectives and experience can be brought to the group.

Membership of the Dietetic Reference Group will be a semi-formal role within our organisation - recognised within the NDR-UK structure, but with no legal responsibilities.

The role is likely to require around 2-3 hours input per month. In addition, it is expected that meetings will be held with NDR-UK twice per year to discuss expected work activity and plan/prioritise this. Meetings may be face-to-face or remote (video or teleconference) to suit members and their availability.

As part of their role members will be requested to contact NDR-UK as and when information comes to light that may have a bearing on current portfolio or future plans, e.g. if policy changes occur or are expected. Ad-hoc contact by NDR-UK staff may also be required, e.g. when objective oversight for project group work is needed.

Terms of Appointment

Members of the Dietetic Reference Group will be asked to commit to a minimum term of two years, which can be extended by mutual agreement.

Membership will be a non-salaried position [approved expenses reimbursed] but will provide excellent opportunities for personal and professional development.


The skills, experience and position we anticipate an ideal Dietetic Reference Group member will have are detailed below. (E) = Essential.


  • Registered Dietitian (E)
  • Research, critical appraisal and evaluation (E)
  • Project management
  • Initiating, self-directed and creative
  • Excellent written and general communication skills (E)
  • Attention to detail
  • Follow procedure and produce clear reports on time (E)
  • MS Word and related computer software (E)


  • Currently practising dietetics: clinical practice, management or research functions (E)
  • Leading teams and managing DT’s across disciplines
  • Working across a variety of specialisms
  • Patient education
  • Consulting with and interpreting feedback from different audiences (E)
  • Writing reports (E)


  • Member of the BDA (E)
  • Well linked and engaged within dietetic and related MDT networks

How to apply

If you would like to become involved in supporting NDR-UK through the work of the Dietetic Reference Group, all that is required is a letter of application, with a CV, to explain your interest and anticipated contribution, and to demonstrate your compliance with the skills and experience listed above.

There is no specific closing date – applications will be considered on a rolling basis, and appointments made whenever there is a vacancy on the Group.

Applications will be considered by the NDR-UK CEO initially. If invited to interview, this will be held with the CEO and the Chair of NDR-UK Board (face-to-face or by video/teleconference). Recommendations on appointments will be made to NDR-UK Board for consideration and either approved or declined as appropriate.

Applications and enquiries should be directed to Linda McPhillie, Chief Executive, at Should you wish an informal chat about the opportunity in the first instance, please call Linda on 0141 202 0690.