Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most common questions asked by our website users. If you have a question that is not answered here, please don't hesitate to get in touch by email, by using or contact form or by calling us on 0141 202 0690.

About NDR-UK

How is NDR-UK funded?

NDR-UK is a company limited by guarantee, and a registered Scottish charity.

A five-year programme of funding from the Scottish Government to assist NDR-UK to become self-financing came to an end in March 2015. NDR-UK is now largely a self-sufficient social enterprise, with the vast majority of income received through the sale of resources.

For further information, please visit our Funding page.


How long will delivery take?

NDR-UK aims to deliver all full orders to UK mainland within 5 working days. Orders to Highlands, Islands, remote and international locations may take longer - please contact the team on 0141 202 0690 or for more advice.

How do I give feedback on delivery / service?

We welcome your feedback on any aspect of our service to you.

Either email us at, fill out our contact form or call us on 0141 202 0690.

My delivery is wrong, what should I do?

If there is a problem with your delivery please contact us as soon as possible by email at or phone on 0141 202 0690.


Are discounts available for bulk purchases?

Due to our prices being structured around a cost-recovery model, requests for discounts on bulk purchases have to be considered on a case-by-case basis.

A discount would only be possible if the quantity ordered enabled us to print at higher volumes and achieve a lower break-even price than we would normally have been able to realise.

Can I have resources for free for my studies / teaching / charity?

NDR-UK is a small charity that is funded by the sale of resources. Prices are based on a cost-recovery model that directly reflects development and production costs, therefore we cannot provide resources free of charge.

Why do NDR-UK's Scottish customers receive a 20% discount?

The Scottish Government (Population Health Improvement Directorate) has been a key strategic and funding partner in the creation and on-going development of NDR-UK. The Scottish Government continues to provide strategic input and some on-going core funding specifically to allow a 20% discount to be applied to Scottish-based customers.

Why do I have to pay for NDR-UK resources?

NDR-UK is a small charity that is funded by the sale of resources. Prices are based on a cost-recovery model that directly reflects development and production costs, therefore we cannot provide resources free of charge.

Is VAT charged on NDR-UK resources?

VAT is not charged on the vast majority of NDR-UK resources. The exceptions to this are:

  • 9018 ‘Today’s Menu’ Board Game
  • 9097 ‘What’s Enough?’ Images CD
  • 9263-9268 Meal Plan / Diary Pads
  • 9373 Food and Drink Diary Pads
  • 9381 Elimination Diary Pad
  • 9394 Carbs & Cals Flashcards
  • 9395 Carbs, Cals, Protein & Fat Flashcards
  • 9396 Carbs & Cals Poster
  • 9397 Carbs, Cals, Protein & Fat Poster Set
  • 9399 Carbs & Cals ‘Weight Management’ Teaching Presentation
  • 9398 Carb Counting Teaching Presentation

Resource Development

Do you accept suggestions for new resources?

We always aim to be practitioner-led, so if you have identified a gap in the nutrition and diet resources available in your line of work please do let us know.

Either email us at, fill out our contact form or call our Resource Manager on 0141 202 0690

What are the benefits to me joining a resource project group?

Joining a project group is an opportunity to extend your knowledge and understanding of areas of interest/speciality, networking with dietitians and other health professionals from across the UK and developing skills in critical appraisal, writing and project based activities.  

In addition, by bringing your knowledge and expertise, you directly influence the content and format of resources, in turn ensuring that your patients’ needs are met whilst benefitting patients and practitioners through evidence-based, consistent messages.

I have a resource which I would like NDR-UK to adapt or distribute. Does NDR-UK work in partnership with organisations in this way?

Yes. Please see our page ‘Commission our work’.


How do I place an order for NDR-UK resources?

You have three options here.

1. Generate a quote to pass to your procurement department

  • Register with us by following the simple steps outlined here.
  • Browse the resources and add them to your quote.
  • When you have finished click ‘Generate Quote’.
  • You will receive a copy of your quote by email which can be passed to your procurement department and used as the basis of a Purchase Order. Please reference the quote number on Purchase Orders.
  • Purchase Orders should then be emailed to
  • Delivery will be made to your nominated address within five working days.

2. Order online

  • Register with us by following the simple steps outlined here.
  • Browse the resources and add them to your quote.
  • When you have finished click ‘Order Online’ and choose to pay using a credit/debit card via PayPal.
  • You will receive an email confirmation of your order and delivery to your nominated address within five working days.

3. Pay by BACs or Cheque

  • Generate a quote as option 1 above.
  • Please reference the quote number on bank transactions or the back of cheques. This will help us match your order/payment to your quote.
  • All cheques should be made payable to Nutrition and Diet Resources UK.
  • Our bank details (updated on 18/09/17) are as follows:

    Bank: CAF Bank Ltd
    25 Kings Hill Avenue
    Kings Hill
    West Malling 
    ME19 4JQ

    Account Name: Nutrition and Diet Resources UK
    Sort Code: 83-91-46
    Account Number: 30400913

    IBAN No: GB85CAFB40524030400913



  • Orders will be processed upon receipt of payment and delivery made to your nominated address within five working days.

Can I pay over the phone?

No, unfortunately we can’t take orders over the phone.  Please see above for payment options.

What if an item is out of stock?

If an item is out of stock, the relevant product page will display our estimated return to stock date.

An item needs to be in stock for you to order it online, however you can still create a quote that contains out of stock items.

Can I see the resources before I order?

Yes, you can view sample PDFs of the resources by clicking on ‘View Sample’ on the resource page. Samples are for reference only, are copyright protected and are not for use with patients.

Can I order single/sample leaflets?

PDF Sample copies of all the resources are available to view on the relevant resource page of the website. Resources are only available to order in the quantities noted on the relevant page, for example, in packs of ten.

I need to set NDR-UK up as a supplier to my organisation, how do I do this?

Please email or call us on 0141 202 0690 to request our Supplier Information sheet.


My patient speaks another language. Can I have your resource translated?

NDR-UK resources can’t be translated, as NDR-UK can’t verify the accuracy of the translation.

Can I receive email updates on new resources / offers?

Yes, simply register with us here.

How do I give feedback on a resource?

We welcome your feedback on any of our published resources and aim to take feedback in to account when resources are being reprinted or reviewed.

Either email us at, fill out our contact form or call our Resource Manager on 0141 202 0690

Why can I not use the sample in a patient consultation?

PDF samples are provided online to allow customers to view them in detail and assess whether they meet their / their patients’ needs.

Samples are for reference only and are copyright protected.  This is because NDR-UK is a small, non-profit making company that is funded by leaflet sales.

I would like to use NDR-UK resources but need NHS Branding on any information I give to patients/clients. How can I overcome this?

NDR-UK suggests using a suitable space within a resource (usually on the back page) to place a sticker with the issuing department's logo and related details.  If that is not sufficient for your branding needs, please contact us on 0141 202 0690 or to discuss options.

What are the benefits of investing in NDR-UK's published leaflets rather than producing resources 'in-house'?

NDR-UK resources give accurate, consistent health messages in a high quality, user-friendly and professionally printed format.  Priced to cover costs only, NDR-UK resources are written by dietitians and produced using our robust production process, offering a value for money way of saving health professionals time and avoiding duplication of effort.

NDR-UK estimates that it can produce resources 33% more efficiently than individual departments. This is achieved through greater efficiencies in the development and management of a centralised service for resources.

Why are some resources classed as 'Dietitian only'?

NDR-UK resources are divided into ranges that provide different types of diet and nutritional information. The development group for each resource agrees how much support the target patient/client group will require when being issued with the resource. The diet-sheet is then risk-assessed and placed in the appropriate range when it is published. This ensures that the information is communicated and understood appropriately.

The ranges / classifications are:

PiL / Patient Information Leaflet

Enforcement of healthy eating messages for self-management - advice is easily understood requiring no additional explanation.

HP / Health Professional

Advice requires some explanation from a Health Professional who has basic nutrition knowledge to enable correct implementation.

SHP / Specialist Health Professional

Advice requires detailed explanation from a Dietitian or other specialist Health Professional with the required level of nutrition knowledge to enable understanding and implementation of the advice/guidance.

DT / Dietitian Only

Advice is complex, condition specific and requires a Dietitian with knowledge, skills and experience in the condition.