Blank Food Diary Pad

Blank Food Diary Pad

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NDR-UK Ref No: 9268
Publication Format: A4 leaflet
Classification: HP  
Pack size: 1
Publication date: 06/11

Blank template of daily meal planner for people following a calorie-controlled diet.

Classification: HP (Health Professional)

Advice requires some explanation from a Health Professional who has basic nutrition knowledge to enable correct implementation.

  • To make following an energy deficit diet easier by providing pictures of food portions and pictorial examples of meal plans.
  • To allow flexibility of choice of foods within an energy-deficit diet, to achieve a healthier body weight.

The target group will understand that overweight and obesity increases the risk of multiple medical issues including:

  • High cholesterol levels
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes or a high blood sugar level (insulin resistance or pre-diabetes)

The target group will know:

  • Eating appropriate portion sizes through a balanced diet.
  • Know how many portions of food from each food group an individual should have to achieve and/or maintain their healthier body weight.
  • Know how portions relate to servings.


My Calorie Controlled Portion Plan

My Calorie Controlled Portion Plan

Information to help understand and plan how to have a calorie controlled diet for weight loss and management. Can be personalised to include patient-specific information. Update to DOM J.

  • Pack size: 10
  • Classification: DT
  • NDR-UK ref: 9403

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How Do I Watch My Weight During Pregnancy? (Dietitian only version)

How Do I Watch My Weight During Pregnancy? (Dietitian only version)

A comprehensive leaflet for use through a dietetic consultation for women with a BMI of 25 or over at the start of their pregnancy.    

  • Pack size: 10
  • Classification: DT
  • NDR-UK ref: 9362

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Weight Loss You Can See (with guidelines)

Weight Loss You Can See (with guidelines)

Our hugely popular comprehensive guide to weight loss, including spaces for patient specific information to be entered and a food portion pictorial guide for a calorie-controlled diet. Supplied with ...

  • Pack size: 10
  • Classification: HP
  • NDR-UK ref: 9262

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