Out now - Reduce Your Diabetes Risk

Published: 30.11.18

In response to the growing need and evidence base, this practical guide to assist people to make lifestyle changes that will reduce their risk of developing Type 2 diabetes - developed in collaboration with dietitians from NHS Fife, with support from BDA Diabetes Specialist Group - will be available in early 2019.

The resource will be appropriate for any health professional to issue, helping to make every contact count, and will be suitable for any ‘at risk’ patient (other than frail, older adults).

Contents include:

  • What diabetes is and what puts you at increased risk.
  • Ways to reduce risk.
  • How to maintain a healthy weight.
  • What constitutes a balanced diet.
  • Notes on other diets.
  • Choosing an active lifestyle.
  • Space for notes, plans and goals.

Click here to view the sample and register for alerts on availability, please ensure you are registered on our website to receive updates, or email us requesting to be kept in touch.

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