Review Update

Published: 11.10.17

Liver Disease Range  

Fully updated and redesigned – 9342 High-Protein, High-Energy; 9343 High-Protein, Healthy-Eating; 9344 High-Protein, High-Energy, Reduced-Salt; 9345 High-Protein, High-Energy, Reduced-Fat; 9346 High-Protein, High-Energy, Diabetes. In association with BDA Gastroenterology Specialist Group.

Milk and Egg-Free Range

9000 Milk-Free Zone - A Resource for Older Children and Adults; 9001 Milk-Free Weaning; 9002 Milk and Egg-Free Zone; 9003 Milk and Egg-Free Weaning; 9004 Egg-Free Zone. Endorsed by BDA.

Wheat-Free Range

9134 How to Avoid Wheat; 9136 Wheat-Free - the early years. Endorsed by BDA.


9144 Gluten-Free Living. With the support of Coeliac UK.

Bariatric Surgery

9008 Sleeve Gastrectomy. In association with BOMSS (British Obesity and Metabolic Surgery Society).

Patient Information Leaflets (various)

1000 Iron Deficiency Anaemia – Your diet can help; 1001 Dietary Advice for Bone Health; 1002 Curing Constipation Through Diet; 1005 Worried About Gaining Weight When You Stop Smoking?; 1006 Diet and the Menopause; 9390 Fuel to Go (Healthy Eating Advice for Teenagers).

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