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NDR-UK is currently part funded by the Scottish Government and through income generation activities such as commissions for nutrition and diet resources and part self-financing through the sales of nutrition and diet resources. NDR-UK is working to develop a sustainable business model to ensure the future for quality nutrition and diet resources.

  • Government funding

    NDR-UK has approached each Home Country of the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) requesting short-term investment to enable long-term sustainability of the service. The proposal was based on a phased approach to the Barnett Formula (a formula used by Her Majesty’s Treasury to allocate finance to Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland) with income reflective of population densities. This approach allows the Home Countries to share funding until self-sustainability is reached.

    Funding has been secured from the Scottish Government until 2015.

    - A Home Countries Approach to Nutrition and Diet Patient Information describes the benefits of providing a UK-wide approach to nutrition and diet resource provision.
  • Income generation activities

    NDR-UK welcomes invitation for commissioned pieces of work.  All requests for commissions or related partnership projects should be addressed to the Chair or the Board of Directors and sent to  These will be considered on a case-by-case basis by NDR-UK's Board of Directors.
  • Sales

    All NDR-UK prices are calculated to ensure that customers receive the best value possible whilst striving for a sustainable resource service, with Home Countries committed to NDR-UK's vision (Scotland) receiving a 5% discount on orders placed.